Heyho and nice to meet you.

Praise the coincidences that guided you to this page representing the.. *drum-roll*

Official Fatbird Conspiracy

(maybe unofficial matches the point little better in terms of speaking of a conspiracy..)

Be that as it may, this page is not about shoes, desks, apples, movies, mathematics, etymology, Latin, Ancient Greek, insects or magical unicorns (maybe a bit about them..subliminally)- itís about Fatbirds and the way they try to make you feel better assuming that you are patient enough to make an attempt of having a closer look at them. The homepage also deals with Fatbirds themselves: Their mentality and motivation, trees, cakes, the unimportance of physics, the importance of chemistry- Oh, Iím drifting of ...

So you may stop reading this not-so-interesting text and start having a look at the gallery on this page!

I wish you a pleasant journey!